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370 Water St, Excelsior MN

Our Story

Our Story


I am the wife of my amazing husband and mother of three college-aged children. As a registered nurse, I've always had a passion for healthy living and helping others. As myself, my parents and other friends and family members have aged, health issues have become more the norm and have begun to impact our quality of life. Most of us, myself included, grab the Ibuprofen to reduce pain that comes with everyday activity, exercise, and aging. As a nurse, I was tired of doing this to my body, so in search of natural remedies for some of these common nagging problems like sleep issues, stress, and chronic pain, I began researching CBD intensely.

What I found was astounding! The information available on the internet is both extensive and extremely confusing. This realization convinced me that the average person, like my friends and family, would have a hard time determining whether CBD is right for their situation, where to purchase it, which specific product to use, how to determine the dosing, and so on. I started my journey with a cup of CBD coffee (the exact type we now carry in our store) and experienced the benefits first hand. That’s why we decided to start Jes Naturals – to help educate you and make you feel confident in your decision to use CBD products as part of your regimen for a higher quality of life.


Our purpose is to provide you with the latest information regarding CBD products, connect you with other people that are dealing with health and wellness challenges – just like you, and offer only the highest quality premium CBD products that have been personally vetted by us. We perpetually research the latest in CBD medical and technological advances so that you can be sure that any CBD product sourced from Jes Naturals is the best available on the market today.


No matter your purpose, Jes Naturals has the knowledge and resources to guide you to your perfect CBD wellness solution.


Here’s a look into our process:

  1. Research the top CBD brands on the market, of all different purposes and forms
  2. Find the best products for you and your family (mom approved!)
  3. Share those products with you through our website or store location
  4. Our expert educators tailor your experience from start to finish, bringing you the CBD product that’s right for you


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